Dr. Christopher S. Kovacs - Endocrinologist  

Dr. Kovacs was the medical consultant on the script for a movie parody of Star Trek: The Next Generation, entitled "Sev Trek: Pus in Boots." This 45 minute animated movie was produced in Australia under the direction of John Cook, and animated by Andrew Simpson. It was released in May 2002 in video cassette (NTSC and PAL) formats. A DVD of the movie, containing a 50 minute extended version of the movie and additional extras, was released commercially in August 2004.

In the movie, hostile aliens that take the form of pimples or zits invade the starship Enterforaprize, and the crew of Captain Jet-lag Pinchard, Cmdr Willing Piker, Cmdr Beta the android, Cmdr Barf the Kling-off, Dr. Heavily Cruncher et al face a tough but hilarious battle to save the mission and the ship. Dr. Kovacs utilized his knowledge of medicine and Star Trek to help John Cook to flesh out the alien zits and provide suitable dialogue for Dr. Cruncher, and he also suggested a number of sight gags and jokes that were used in the movie. He is also responsible for the creation of "xenotretinoin particles", a crucial bit of medical technobabble that the Enterforaprize crew need to eradicate the alien acneiform invasion.

If you reached this page because you are trying to find the Sev Trek movie, at present it is available via the Sev Trek website. , through on-line sellers, and through the distributor, Nomad Distribution. Other movie-related memorabilia (poster, t-shirts, soundtrack, script, etc) are also available through the Sev Trek website. The Sev Comics website is the best source for updated information about the status of the movie's distribution.

Having enjoyed this foray into the movie-making business, Dr. Kovacs would certainly be interested in acting as medical consultant for other movie or TV scripts, or books. He can be contacted through his office at 709-777-6881.

Dr. Kovacs has reprised his role as consultant for John Cook on a graphic novel entitled Sev Files: The Resurrection (a cartoon parody of the X-Files featuring agents Scummy and Mouldy), on a script for an animated movie entitled "The Ark" which tells the story of Noah from the viewpoint of the animals, and on the script for the much-anticipated Sev Trek 2 movie. Whether any of these projects are ever completed by John Cook remains to be seen.