Dr. Christopher S. Kovacs - Endocrinologist  
After your first clinic visit, you may be scheduled to have "dynamic endocrine tests" done as an outpatient. Normally these are scheduled through the Clinical Investigation Unit and are done fasting unless otherwise advised. These tests include pituitary stimulation tests, glucose tolerance tests, calcitonin stimulation, growth hormone stimulation or suppression tests, adrenal stimulation tests, etc. You will receive an appointment time for such tests, and you can expect to be occupied for several hours, or possibly the entire day, depending upon the test that is being done. During this time you are an outpatient in the Clinical Investigation Unit; you are not considered an inpatient or "admitted" to hospital.

Normally a return clinic visit is scheduled for a few weeks after the testing is completed in order to allow time for all of the results to be obtained. At that visit, Dr. Kovacs will explain the results of the tests and how to proceed further if additional tests are required.